Catering to the needs of Seniors

We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be when a loved one needs assistance. You want to provide the best care possible, but just don't know how to make it all work. When you live at a distance, the problem becomes even more difficult.
We can help find solutions that are right for both you and your loved one. Here's a brief description of what we offer:

Care Management​:

Our care management services are uniquely designed to serve older adults who are either living at home or residing in a facility.
• Home-Based Care Management - Designed to help identify ways to remain at home for as long as possible, Lifetime Care Management offers home safety evaluations, functional assessments, care coordination, and ongoing monitoring for older adults. Our care management service ensures everything is taken care and provides peace of mind for families who just can't be there to oversee things themselves.
• Facility-Based Care Management - Filling the 'gaps' of facility-based care, Lifetime Care Management ensures quality of care for your loved one through weekly monitoring and advocacy. We can provide assistance every step of the way from facility selection, assisting and overseeing the move, communicating with facility staff, and visiting with your loved one weekly to ensure all is going well. We are your 'feet on the ground' to facilitate ongoing communication with family members so everyone is kept up to date.

Household Management:

When managing day-to-day tasks becomes overwhelming, Lifetime Care Management can help. We assist with ensuring your bills get paid on time, reviewing and helping to understand your mail, and assisting in managing appointments and other personal affairs. We can even act as your personal shopper.

Relocation Assistance:

Our relocation assistance provides support every step of the way — before, during , and after the transition to a new residence. Specializing in working with older adults, we help individuals and their families with both the emotional and physical aspects of moving.

Transportation Assistance:

Providing reliable and safe accompaniment services for a one time trip or regularly scheduled outing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We are more than just a ride, we accompany you to almost anywhere you want to go!
Assistance is provided through the door for both pick up and drop off. We are a pre-booked service for our members. No cash is exchanged. You are invoiced on a monthly basis.

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